Your Right to Know

It’s generally known that folic acid plays a crucial role in preventing certain birth defects. But did you know the Food and Drug Administration had to be SUED before folic acid proponents could state those claims? That’s right, the FDA did not want these claims to be freely disseminated! The FDA had to be SUED, and the courts agreed that this information should be allowed to be given to the public. Since these claims were allowed by the courts, neural tube defects have declined by 50-70% in the US and parts of Canada! Just think of the many thousands of children born healthy that would not have been without the dissemination of this information!

I believe that the public is better off by getting more information to better come to an educated decision regarding its own health. The FDA, however, believes the public’s access to health information should be limited to what the FDA allows, which is quite limited.

There are hundreds of beneficial nutrients and many of them have multiple beneficial effects for the human body. But in order for this information to be made available to you, many more battles with the FDA have to belodged. So far, my colleagues and I have been successful in authorizing claims having to do with reducing the risk of certain cancers by consuming the Trace Mineral Selenium and reducing the risks of Cardiovascular Heart Disease (CHD) by consuming EPA and DHA which are Essential Fatty Acids primarily found in Fish Oils. CHD is this country’s leading cause of death! More than 500,000 Americans die each year from it. Just think if we could reduce the occurrence of these deaths by 50-70% simply by educating the public!

Is the cost of these battles worth it? I certainly think so. You have a fundamental right to ALL of the information you need to make decisions regarding your health. My colleagues and I have more Authorized Claims under consideration by the FDA and there will be more!