Dr. Joel Wallach &
Dr. Ma Lan with Alexandria Brighton & Dr. Judy Wright

Essential oils or “essences” are highly concentrated volatile oils extracted from aromatic plants. The chemical make up of essential oils is very complex, with some oils containing hundreds of separate substances. Essential oils have a “micro” sized droplet and molecular structure that allows them to be absorbed into the bloodstream by inhalation and trans-dermal application. Essential oils are legendary for their antimicrobial properties; they are in fact were the “anti-biotics” universally used throughout the ancient world up to World War II before the discovery of sulfa drugs and penicillin. In addition to the medicinal properties attributed to essential oils, they are legendary for uplifting the emotions. The dynamic effects of essential oil aromatherapy on the emotions has resulted in the practice of aromatherapy being dubbed “psycho-aromatherapy.”